Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to get the idea machine going

So you want to make it in the music business? What does it take to get to Jay-Z status? There is really only 1 answer to this question & it's been said by any & every successful businessman...HARD WORK! There is no substitute, no shortcut, no hook up & definitely no overnight success. You have to put in the work. Many Indie Artists are short on cash and lack the resources to get in front of industry executives. So why should Indies even bother trying? Freedom. Indie Artists hold the advantage over major recording Artists in this regards. WHY? They are bound contractually to the record label so the choice is not fully up to the Artist. Your budget and resources may not compare to major labels but your available resources that cost nothing or a minimal fee give you an edge if you use them for what they are worth. If you are truly trying to be a part of the financial aspect of the music business you will create a business plan. A plan that will propel your music career and not leave you in a state of "where is this going"? Learn about the music business it's not just about recording songs and throwing them on the internet. You want to sell those songs to the public so here is where the business side of things begin. The recording process is over when your ready to start making money off the project you want to release. Now I'm not saying you can't record while your promoting your project. You want to devote as much time and energy to releasing a successful project without distractions. You want to see what is working for you based on your business plan. You want to come as close as possible to releasing your project like your on a Major Label. You will gain a better breed of investors & fan-base if you release your project with quality products. The look of your brand is important. The sound quality is important so mixing & mastering is very important. Why would I buy your product if it looks as though you put no money or time & effort into your project release? Let alone invest my money into your career. A major recording Artist is not cutting corners in these areas. The sales pitch of "I make good music" has been overused & is no longer a reason for me or anyone else to spend money with you. There are so many bases that need to be covered in order for you to succeed in the music business. So how much you know personally about the business is vital. So a FREE piece of advice from PMO Media Group. Hire people who are knowledgeable in their field and can place your career where it needs to be. You may have to go through a few companies until you find the right one so be prepared to move on if necessary. The most important thing for an Indie Artist to learn is how to be professional. Contracts are a big part of the music business so that means you will come into contact with a lot of professionals like lawyers, managers, publicists & the list goes on & on. So acting in a professional manner is in your favor. Get your buzz going by spending some money professionally marketing your music. Especially if you invested in your product to bring it to quality standards. Don't short change yourself & know where you should be investing your money first. Think outside the box but also stay within the lanes of true business. Hard Work! Everyday you should try to achieve something as an Artist/Businessman. The road to success is one step at a time. Have some faith in your plan and give your plan time to be executed. Never be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying. Now I completely understand this is no easy task so that is why I stress giving yourself time. You should view your music career in months and years not days and weeks especially if your lacking a support system. It takes time to put it all together. So making "good music" is a requirement not an option. No one wants to pay for sub par music no matter how good of an Artist you are. Bad Quality is just not going to cut it. Once you have an idea of what part of your plan is paying dividends you will begin to expand just as any successful company does. Work your resources & look for opportunities that will help your music career. Look for the true value of what that opportunity brings. Most importantly is to be honest with yourself. Keeping it "REAL" with yourself about where you really are in the music business is KEY! Many Artists paint the picture of success but don't look the part. Their words don't match their current status in the eye of the public. Brand disconnect. So try to stay grounded in reality when it comes to your true brand because painting the picture of success before it truly happens can lead fans to brand disconnect when it comes to your product. If your cd is selling me the idea of you leading a diamonds & champagne lifestyle and I go to your show you should at least look as though you have some aspect of this lifestyle. After all it's you who is painting this picture to the public and remember when your in the public eye everyone is a critic. Including me. So again I will state there are many aspects to the music business. So get knowledgeable about the business side of the music industry. It's anyone's game at this point. How much you truly put into it is how much you will get out of it. Plan. Plan. Plan. Give your plan a chance to work which means you need to set a timetable. Be realistic. Look for industry professionals who can help your music career. When you find the opportunity to present your product to someone in the music industry be prepared. If they are dealing with a major recording artist on a daily basis and you hand them a cd with your handwriting all over it that speaks volumes about what you are willing to do for your own product(nothing spectacular). Presentation is KEY! Be professional at all times because you never know who is checking to see what you are truly about. Don't buy into every sales pitch of someone making you a huge star. Find out more about the person/company. Check to see if they have ever made someone else a huge star before. KEY FACTOR if they are to be taken seriously. Especially if they are asking you to give money to them upfront. Remember what I stated earlier in the article "look for the value". I can't tell you what the "value" would be but I can tell you that it should advance you in some way. Even if it's just expanding the lanes of your network. There are just as many new companies created in the music business as there are new Artists. Just as every Artist won't make it to super-stardom, neither will every company. We all have a desire to make a buck in the music business so "buyer beware". Make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. Ask questions. It may not always be what you hoped it would be so always look for what you can get out of it even if it's not what you expected and committed yourself too it contractually. Think "BIG PICTURE" but also be creative enough to think about growing into that "Big Picture". Stay Positive and don't look for others to do the work for you. Remember people work a lot harder for you when they are on the payroll as opposed to working for free.

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